every project targeted a common goal:

bringing cost, quality and technical benefits to the end client.

Due to extensive software technology expertise and deep knowledge of our IT-professionals iSoft-land offers a complete set of software development services:


All of our software development services go in hand with the company-wide quality assurance process.

Project Scope

iSoft-land can take up a part of or the complete software development process from the client: starting from the Analysis phase and ending with go-live deployment:


As an example, iSoft-land can deliver the following services on its own or in cooperation with the in-house team or IT department of the client:

  1. Authoring of the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) or User-Stories
  2. Solution Prototyping and Software Architecture design
  3. Coding or code-review in compliance with SRS and architecture
  4. Testplan review, or Testing and quality assurance of a software product

Project methodology:

iSoft-land multi-year experience in the software development outsourcing market has proved that no software development methodology by itself – be that CMMI or Agile – is a universal solution for every specific project goals, budget and timelines.

iSoft-land defines the specific approach to the implementation of a project at the beginning of the cooperation. We ensure transparency and quality of its implementation by the following practices:

  1. Dedicated project coordinator
  2. Detailed project planning and regular status updates with corresponding tooling
  3. Documented source code implemented in compliance with the latest industry standards, checked with automated Coding and Style review tools.
  4. If practical, we create also automated testing on the basis of unit tests or automated functional/GUI tests.

Per client request or for long-term big engagements iSoft-land can also offer onsite Project Manager.

To discuss a potential project with us, you do not need the complete project documentation, instead just call us to appoint a personal meeting and discuss the desired goals and further steps toward them.


At iSoft land  we know that the strength of an application includes a carefully thought-out database design and implementation. The ability to build fast, reliable, and scalable Web sites and back-end applications comes from understanding the business problem and translating it into the best architecture, application and database design.

Our database design and development team has broad and deep experience with all of the major database technologies: MySQL, SQL Server, Analysis Server, LINQ and ORM. In addition, our team is well-versed in OLAP and cloud storage solutions.




Data Storage and Data Management:

Almost every system needs data storage. Depending on the application more than one form of data storage may be required. Amadeus Consulting has extensive experience in all the major methods of data storage. We have deployed database systems for everything from multi-processor, multi-machine clusters to cell phones.

Along with the below data storage platforms, Amadeus Consulting has experience in MySQL and Oracle databases, but our software development methodology is

agnostic to the data storage platform:


Scalable data design is not a new concept, but as Internet connectivity and world-wide users have grown the demands placed on Web applications continues to be stretched. Also important is ensuring that the architects stay abreast of the latest offering the product suite provides; for example understanding the pros and cons of using transparent data encryption (TDE) in SQL Server 2008.

One of the most important elements is protecting data integrity. Database design must also include the security requirements of the database and user permissions along with protection against SQL injection and other security attacks. The designer should understand the business needs and legal requirements of data encryption.

When selecting a partner to build your solution, be sure to ask the tough questions about database design and implementation for example:

  • What bottlenecks do you perceive to be the challenges of the database design?
  • How will you approach the database design for the business growth I am predicting?
  • Help me understand data encryption and why or when I would need to use it?

iSoft land is an expert in building database driven applications including Web sites, back-end applications and OLAP solutions. Our clients trust us to design database solutions that meet their business needs. Read more about the successful solutions we have built using solid database design and development.


Only by using the right information technology solution, you can leverage technology to your advantage.  We offer you our deep expertise across a wide range of technologies in providing custom application development and application maintenance services.  Instead of asking you to change your already streamlined business practices, or to waste time and money trying to use packaged  solutions and software that may not fit your needs, we first understand fully your business needs and then custom-build a solution that perfectly meets your business requirements.  Our experience in custom application development and great reservoir of technical knowledge enable us to design, develop and deliver everything from the simplest to the most complex software applications.

  Our key technology expertise for custom application development includes:

  • ASP.NET Application Development
  • Java Application Development
  • PHP Application Development

 We always seek to keep current by embracing the latest trends in custom application development and using the latest in software and development tools.  We are continuously making efforts to master new technologies and to expand our service offerings. Contact us today to discuss your custom application development needs.


  • Cross-platform mobile development support
  • Create iOS, Android, and mobile web apps
  • Create custom application in .net platform.

 iSoft land has its roots in designing and developing solutions for complex applications – long before the Internet reached general consumers and became so widely adopted.